The "Flav"


Romulan(BCGA) x Space Queen
High Times Top 10 2008

Romulan has an amazing flavor and I knew if I was ever able to locate a cutting from Vic High's original cross, I could create something tasty and unique. We were able to locate this rare strain and lucky enough to gain permission to breed with her. Combining the oily thick rich fruity taste of Romulan with the cherry goodness of Space Queen was a no brainer and "The Flav" was created. The Romulan mother plant is very hard to clone though and we simply ran out of "The Flav" seeds soon after it received a High Times Top Ten placement in 2008. We have finally replaced the mother and made more of this elusive TGA hybrid.

Phenotypes: Stable hybrid strain with most variation leaning to the Romulan side
Height: Tall fast vigorous plant
Yield: Heavy
Indoor and Outdoor
Best way to grow: Adapts to any grow style
Harvest: 8 weeks
Sat/Ind: 40/60
Hybrid: Romulan(BCGA) x Space Queen
High Type: Calming, pain relief, general euphoria 
Taste: Thick, spicey, oily smoke that coats the tongue with flavor


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