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Pina Rita

From the mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico comes Highland Oaxacan Gold. This is one of the most flavorful landrace satives I've ever tried. This cultivar was very popular in the 70's & 80's for it's amazing flavor of fruit & spices with an euphoric / happy high.

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The unique flavor of this Kush hybrid is the first to please my fruity pallet. The smokey taste of sour berries and jam makes for an excellent high. Pleasing to the taste buds and the mind's eye. The strain creates vibrant magenta pink and purple calyx in high numbers naturally.

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This extremely potent hard hitting cross has a crystal coated diamond shining look that was inherited from the classic Querkle and combined with a strong earthy lemon funk from the Hells OG. This plant grows massive outdoors with thick tree trunk stalks ready to pack on huge buds glistening in trichomes.

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Purple Apollo-13 aka "The Void"

Combining the soaring motivational high of Apollo-13 with the musty grape taste of Querkle we came up with a hybrid that has amazing flavors and appearance. The taste is similar to that of grape saltwater taffy. It makes a beautiful pink tinged hash.

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Purple Jacks Cleaner! This is a combination of the soaring high of Jacks Cleaners's Sativa with the grape body stone of Urkle. This has become one of my favorite daytime smokes. The parents contribute different high types making you battle your brain and body for control. Lavender-citrus flavor.

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Qrazy Train

Our version of Purple Trainwreck. High potency combined with purple shading and fruity smells can be expected in this Blood Wreck hybrid. This is a high yielding strain that resists mildew and mold and is very fast to mature making it good for outdoor growing in The Pacific Northwest or damp climates.

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This strain took 10 years to perfect with the lemon-berry taste of sour grape gum. Purple Coloring and tinted resin are part of this Indica's make up. Good for low ceiling grows, remains short and is very easy to grow.

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Just imagine the smell of kush combined with the candy flavoring of Sweet Tarts. The main goals we set out to accomplish was to increase the resin production and improved flavor and taste. Improved yields and hybrid vigor came along in the compact but high yielding hybrid we call Qush.

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Ripped Bubba

Ripped Bubba has the frame of an Indica but with insane amounts of resin that sees to cover every part of the flowers giving the effect of a glass coating. This strain provides pain relief along with a very clear headed and mentally relaxing high.

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