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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper grows huge glass coated buds frosted in lemon smelling terpenes. The fastest growing haze hybrid available today. Known worldwide for strong pain relief and its analgesic properties.

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On the 8th day the lords of resin forged Jacked Up, this devastating combination comes from the original Jack Herer plant crossed with our Timewreck. 

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Jacks Cleaner 2

Jacks Cleaner 2 is our most dominant sativa hybrid and most potent strain. Jacks Cleaner is the most potent plant I have ever smoked and this back cross is a very close recreation. This strain is intense, trippy, visual, phase shifting and can cause paranoia. It can increase heart rate and appetite. It is great for pain relief.

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Jesus OG

After 2 years of testing Kush mother plants the Hells OG Cut was by far the best. Combined with the legendary effects of JTR Jesus OG Kush is what we feel a sour Kush should measure up to, Looking for something to believe in? Jesus is here for you!

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Jillybean is a strain that produces a high that is upbeat and happy. It is great for depression and bad days. Flavors are like a jar of mixed candy, they range from orange Tang to mango and apple. Very good mood and general euphoria are experienced while high on this strain.

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Large towering colas dripping in resin almost appear glass coated. It is an explosion of potency with a strong lemon smell with massive spear shaped colas that are our latest super-hybrid.
Mike's hard lemonade for the 420 crowd!!

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Killer Grape

We took Vic High's clone only Killer Queen and combined it with Querkle to make an amazing new hybrid that keeps the Killer Queen's stony effects while adding tighter node spacing , more flavor and some purple colors to the already breath taking beauty of the Killer Queen. 

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Lemon Stilton

The Idea came about one night while having Desert and then some Dabs. What if we combined the flavor of  Cheese and the lemon flavor and potency of JTR.


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What do you get when you combine the diesel fumes from the Blue City Diesel with sour fruits from Timewreck? Well, you end up with a very strong odorous line that’s very powerful medicine.

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