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Thanks to our good friends at Aficionado Seeds we bring you Cuvée a term which means to blend to great things together in order to make one better one. The Pinot Noir is a clone only F4 cross between the Original Blackberry Kush X a Vintage 1978 Pakistani created in Northern California.

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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

Heavy stank, so strong trimming can affect your sinuses and even your head. Its texture is off the hook, ultra gooey and medium density, my tester Minitrkn420 says 'the texture is what I like a lot, it's a superb bud' he reports the smell is Sweet Tarts and chewy candy.

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I have long wanted to create true medicine with the plant I love so much and Chef Joel made it possible. With the creation of Pennywise we knew we had a potential male CBD plant.


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Deep Purple

Deep Purple is a back cross  great for small areas such as cabinets or closets with low ceilings. Short and thick, this grapey kush plant has tight internodal spacing. A nice purple coloring is frequently in this strain.

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Galactic Jack

This sativa hybrid is truly a special plant to the TGA family. It's our way of passing on, not only a great genetic, but also the memory of an even greater activist to our community, the late Jack Herer.

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Grape Inferno

Thanks to our good friends at Norstar Genetics we bring you a new and exciting cross. The Nepali OG is very unusual and combined with the grape flavor of Querkle with undertones of Space queen this is one great smelling plant.


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Grape Lime Ricky

A magnificent cross between Purple Urkle and Jack the Ripper make up this beautiful hybrid strain known as Grape Lime Ricky. The aroma hits your noseand the amazing Purple buds covered in large resin heads are literally natures artwork.

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Nearly two years was spent creating this new HIGH CBD strain that also incorporates a Indica style high as well as a yummy grape flavor.

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Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Twelve years ago I ran Killer Queen and kept the Cindy Dominant female and I have looked for over a decade for the G-13 phenotype. Once we found this heavy resin producer we crossed it with our Jack The Ripper.

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