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High Times Gives Lifetime Achievement Award to TGA Subcool

bbm subcool resized webHigh Times is giving marijuana seeds legend Subcool from TGA Genetics the coveted Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award.

Subcool received the award in person on April 23rd at the 2017 Southern California High Times Cannabis Cup, joining the ranks of past winners such as Tommy Chong and Jorge Cervantes as one of a handful of recipients of the ultimate honor High Times gives members of the marijuana community.

He’s the only cannabis seed breeder and strain creator to ever win the award.

At the awards ceremony, Subcool threw 10,000 seeds in Subcool Seeds TGA ten-packs to the 5,000 Cannabis Cup attendees!

Subcool’s place in the cannabis hall of fame is due to his inspiring story…

He started out penniless as a drug war victim who’d been imprisoned for marijuana.

Subcool loved growing marijuana and medicating with it, but noticed that most marijuana seeds and clones didn’t have good enough germination rates or the killer genetics and phenos he really wanted.

Networking with other professional growers and marijuana seed breeders, Subcool and associates such as Jinxproof and Heroes of the Farm gathered rare marijuana seeds and clones for a massive breeding program.

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Cannabis Capsule Making With Subcool

capsule big buds

It’s probably not a big secret to my readers that I smoke a lot of cannabis.

I’ve been a toker for over 30 years and after all those bong hits, my lungs are not what they used to be. In fact, I have COPD, which is a bad disease that’s messing up my lungs.

Cannabis is an amazing medicine, but unfortunately for many of us who’ve developed lung problems, many of its benefits can only be taken advantage of by ingesting cannabis via food, or extracts.

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Subcool Says: You Can Make Marijuana Clones, Without Mother Plants!

subcool clone in hand

Making marijuana clones is a grower skill that’s hard for some people to master.

I know long-time marijuana growers who still struggle with production of healthy, happy cuttings.

Most growers use motherplants to take cuttings from, but the method I teach doesn’t require motherplants to be kept, and so it’s extra important to have good results when taking cuttings under such circumstances.

Please note that BigBudsMag.com has many articles on choosing candidates to turn into motherplants, and for taking care of motherplants properly. Read this article, and look at the bottom of that article to see more articles on motherplants.

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Marijuana Seed Breeding Vocabulary Guide from TGA Subcool Seeds

subcool shot capture

The main man at TGA Seeds is “Weed Nerd” Subcool. He’s the driving force who’s created dozens of tasty, potent, unique marijuana strains in the past decade.

We’ve talked about Subcool in many articles, and he’s written many fascinating articles for BigBudsMag.com.

We asked him to provide a vocabulary list for words used in marijuana seed breeding.

When you do marijuana seed breeding correctly, you gain genetic control over the kind of marijuana plants you grow, and the high you get.

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Subcool TGA Outdoor Marijuana Strains

bbm 06 02 2016 new

After we visited a stunning Colorado marijuana farm growing acres of Subcool TGA outdoor marijuana strains, we realized that outdoor marijuana growers would be glad to get the big yields and tasty buds TGA varieties provide.

Here’s a guide to TGA strains especially suited for outdoor marijuana growing:

Cherrygasm! Just the name makes you want to grow this beautiful bud made by crossing Cherry Pie OG with Space Dude.

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Potent New Marijuana Strains from Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics

Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics

Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics has been working overtime to develop new marijuana strains you’ll love growing.

As always, Subcool’s new strains provide desirable tastes, smells, highs, and appearance you don’t get from any other marijuana seed breeder.

Let’s start with Go Time, a 65-35 Sativa dominant hybrid that gives you two distinct phenotypes to work with as motherplants.

Jesus OG Kush genetics are on-board this Subcool Seeds TGA Genetics strain, but that doesn’t fully explain why one of the phenotypes goes purple, with a scent like a Cheese cannabis strain.

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What’s in a Name? Marijuana Strain Names Will Have to Change if We Want to Win the Drug War

med-marijuana-vialsIn 2010, at the first High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, the marijuana strain that took home the top prize went by the not-so-appropriate name "God's Pussy" This, of course, was shrouded in controversy. Not only because the genetics that won under the name “God’s Pussy” were actually TGA Genetics' "Vortex" but also the name itself was hardly appropriate for a “medical” cannabis strain.

Without dissecting the actual name in terms of feminism or the obvious renaming of an amazing medical strain of marijuana, this is just one example of the many reasons we need to rethink how we name strains of medical cannabis.


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The Weed Nerd: Marijuana Reality TV Is Sexy Nug Porn

sub mzjill bigbuds

The only “television show” I watch on a regular basis is about “weed nerds” who love and grow legal marijuana. I’m serious. Nerds who grow pot trees—that’s what the show is about. Here’s the backstory of the world’s coolest marijuana reality show:

The show’s main stars: Subcool and MzJill. He’s a tattooed, outspoken grower and cannabis expert who built a marijuana seed empire from the ashes of being imprisoned for growing medical marijuana. MzJill is Subcool’s hottie wife, who grows marijuana, sources cannabis medicine for sick and dying people, and breeds connoisseur marijuana strains via the marijuana seed company TGA Seeds.

The show also stars gloriously healthy marijuana plants and sticky buds. You see nug porn indoor and outdoor marijuana plants the size of small trees that each produce many ounces or even pounds of prized medical marijuana sought by a worldwide network of marijuana growers who watch the reality show and learn to grow from it.


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Supersoil, Super-Strains, & Super-Highs from Marijuana Breeder Subcool of TGA Seeds

big buds TGA plant picThere are only a handful of individuals who’ve made it their life’s work to create reliable, powerful, unique marijuana strains. In North America, DJ Short and Subcool are among those very few premier cannabis seed creators who get massive total respect and props from marijuana growers and medical marijuana patients.

And because I just finished growing a Subcool marijuana strain, I get why his TGA seed company genetics are so popular.


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NUGGETRY: Jillybean From Homegrow

jillybean4Totally coincidental that we have another Subcool strain. As mentioned on his site: This strain is upbeat and happy. Great for depression and bad days. Very good mood elevator and general euphoria are experiences while high on this cross. Flavors range from orange, tang, candy, mango and apple. –Mrs. Chubbs


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